Gea XXI - Laia Foundation Women Empowerment Project
Earlier this year we started a Women Empowerment project, together with Gea XXI, to help Indian women from marginalized communities out of their situation of social discrimination and improve their econimic status and thereby gain respect within the family and in the society.

In this sense, we have selected several groups of women in areas of Vedanthangal (Kanchipuram District) and Thirutani (Thiruvallur District) that have received micro-credit loans from the fund provided by the association Gea XXI.

We have advised these women to invest the micro-credit loans on asset-building or use them on income generation activities, such as purchasing livestock, sewing machines or starting a small business enterprises.

The main objective of this project is to empower marginalized women, which at end of this process, will enable them to become self-reliant for their survival in society and bring about gender equality.

We have the experience and co-operation of local organizations such as R. Christian Memorial Trust and Women Organization for Rural Development to achieve the set objectives.