Tamil Nadu Foundation recognizes Laia Fondation’s work

Tamil Nadu Foundation , an American organization founded forty years ago by Tamilians living in the United States, recognized the work of Laia Foundation in Vedanthangal (Tamil Nadu) for nearly ten years. Co-Founder ofLaia Foundation, Lluís Compte, received the "TNF Excellency Award" on the night of 24 May 2014 at the Tamil Nadu Foundation National Convention in Chicago.

During the event, TNF member, Mr. Thukkaram had a few words of remembrance for Laia Mendoza and the origins of our programs, ten years ago, with the tsunami relief project in Tharangambadi (December 2004). On the occasion, Lluís had the opportunity to present Laia Foundation’s projects to the over 700 delegates.

We take this opportunity to thank Tamil Nadu Foundation for recognizing our work and all those who made ​​this possible, supporting us, especially in Catalonia and in India.