Technology and Development for Disadvantaged Children

Laia Foundation started a pilot project in Pondicherry related to Information Technology. We help developing a knowledge centre in Pondicherry to integrate Information Technology into teaching both at primary and higher education.

IT will help Laia Foundation to increase access and bring down the cost of education to meet the challenges of illiteracy and poverty.

Through IT, the most deserving children will be benefited by its important features, such us:

- access to variety of learning resources

- immediacy to information

- anytime learning

- anywhere learning

- collaborative learning

- multimedia approach to education

- authentic and up-to-date information

- access to online libraries

- teaching of different subjects made interesting

- educational data storage

- distance education

- access to the source of information

- multiple communication channels: e-mail, chat, forum, blogs, etc.

- access to open courseware

- better accesses to children with disabilities

- reduction of time on many routine tasks

The knowledge centre is located in Pondicherry, at the Jaly Home run by Samugam Trust. Jaly Home is a caring centre for destitute and neglected children.