Review of the last Summer Camp

Last July, we conducted a work camp in Vedanthangal with a group of volunteers from Barcelona, consisting of: Juan (graduated from a German medium Higher Secondary School in Barcelona), Pepe (student in a cinema institute), Jessica (working as lab technician in a Government hospital in Barcelona and studying Environmental Biology), Ariadna (student of Medicine), Nuria (Catalan language teacher), Alba (Psychologist) and Jaume (student of Medicine).

The targets we have achieved during the work camp are:

1) Conducting a workshop focused on hygiene and health in all of Laia Foundation’s ‘after-school support’ centres;

2) Screening and testing for visual acuity and Hirschberg test to all the children enrolled in our nursery school. After screening the children, several of them were referred to Rajan Eye Care Hospital, Chennai for further follow-up treatment.

3) Preparing, together with the students, feedback material to some of our donors.

4) Elaborating a short film about Laia Foundation’s projects.

5) Painting the interior walls of several ‘after-school support centres’ to improve the environment for our students.

We could conclude that the work camp achieved its purpose and the mood among participants was excellent, each of them contributing to make their stay an unforgettable experience.