Eye tests in Vedanthangal

Last yearís work focused on a visual acuity test (based on a protocol established and supported by doctors from the Ophthalmological Department of Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol, Barcelona) for the children of Laia Foundationís nursery school which achieved good results in the assessment of reversible anomalies.

The final objective is to identify those children with a high probability of vision anomaly so they can be referred and screened by the ophthalmological local services.

This year Marta, a nursery school teacher, and Alberto, a Medicine student, have continued the project.

The protocol consists of:

  • the Pigassou Test to rank the visual sharpness of children.

  • the Hirschberg and Cover-Test to identify potential ocular deviations or phories.

The test was carried out with children from Laia Foundationís nursery school (UKG class, 4-to-5 year olds) alongside Priya, the group teacher, who helped with the communication.

The results for the UKG group (21 children in total) are the folowing:

  • 3 children have been diagnosed with a left-eye phory.

  • 1 child has been diagnosed with 0.35-0.45 visual acuity in both eyes. The child in particular gets easily distracted in class which could be explained by this diagnosis.

The parents of the children mentioned above will be informed so they can arrange a visit to the ophtalmology department with which we have strong links.