Teachers’ training

Our teachers’ team is the most important asset of our project. In order to support and help improve their performace, the organisation AID-India trains and monitors the progress of teachers and coordinators.

So far this school year, that started on 1st June 2016, the following training sessions have been held:

  • 4th June 2016: English training session for supervisors. The session provides information on how to use the available IT tools.

  • 12 June 2016: first term planning and goal setting. The session helps identify the knowledge set to be achieved and potential activities for this period. The students’ monthly assessment tools are also revised. Teachers and supervisors’ training.

  • 20th August 2016: English training session for teachers and supervisors.

  • 28th August 2016: Tamil and Maths training session for teachers and supervisors.

  • 10th October 2016: second term planning and goal setting, and first term review.

  • 23rd October 2016: teachers and supervisors’ meeting to assess the first months of the school year.

The teams of teachers and supervisors from Vedanthangal and Vandavasi also meet once a month to discuss educational issues and give feedback on project development.