Presentation at Grup Giró

On 8th October Toni Ricart, Laia Foundation’s image coordinator, who’s supported our activities from the very beginning, met Grup Giró to present our projects and activities in the last ten years. Toni’s presentation was very successful.

Grup Giró has funded the following activities carried out by Laia Foundation :

Year 2011:

Refurbishment of our nursery school.

Years 2012, 2013 and 2014:

School material for 400 after-school support centre students and salary for Vedanthangal’s high school IT teacher.

Year 2015:

  • Emergency aid for the inhabitants of Thandarai Pettai, affected by the Tamil Nadu floods at the end of November 2015. More specifically, on 6 th December we provided food to all the inhabitants of Thandarai Pettai.

  • Refurbishment of Vedanthangal and Thandarai Pettai’s after-school support centres, affected by the floods.

  • Purchase of school material for children at risk of exclusion.

Year 2016 (ongoing):

  • Salary and training for 20 teachers from the area of Vandavasi (benefitting 400 children)

  • Purchase of 4 laptops for the after-school support centres.