Girnet International with Laia Foundation since 2006

Girnet Internacional , from the Giró Group, will continue, one more year, to support the most disadvantaged communities in South India. Giró Group has supported the projects implemented by Laia Foundation since 2006. Among the actions carried out with the support of the Giró Group, stand out:

- The reconstruction of the kindergarten building in 2011

- School material for more than 400 students, from 2012 to 2014

- Assistance to the people of Thandari Pettai, affected by the floods of 2015

- Repair of the after-school centres of Vedanthangal and Thandarai Pettai, affected by the floods of 2015

We take this opportunity to thank the Group Giró for their support, on behalf of the beneficiaries and the Laia Foundation team.