Support to Government Schools
During the past five years, Laia Foundation has supported Government Schools to reduce overcrowding in classrooms. The Foundation has donated funds to Parent Teacher Associations to enable them to recruit staff and fill the void when the Government of India cannot afford. In this way, we can reduce the pupil-teacher ratio and improve the quality of education.

Also, the Foundation has also given support to schools and Government Daycare Centres (anganwadis) through various actions:

- Construction of a school compound wall (co-funded by the Government of India)
- Construction of toilets for two schools and three daycare centres
- Donation of desks to a High School secondary and four Primary Schools (co-financed by the Government of India)
- Donation of efficient wood stoves to 741 anganwadis (daycare centres, co-funded by the Government of India and local contributions)
- Donation of a photocopier to a Higher Secondary School (co-funded by the Government of India)