Project to remove indoor pollution in rural daycare centres
Goal: Reduce infant mortality and the risk of diseases related to indoor pollution (such as pneumonia, chronic lung disease, lung cancer, etc..) by children under 6 years.

Beneficiaries: 37,500 children under 6 years belonging to the poorest communities of India (tribal, dalits and other castes).

Methodology: Replace traditional wood stoves for efficient biomass stoves produced by Envirofit (

Budget: 8,600 euros (additional 4,914 euros beneficiaries would contributed by beneficiaries)

Expected results:

1. Reducing infant mortality and risk of disease related to indoor pollution.

2. Reducing deforestation.

3. Positive impact on the environment during the five year life of the stove, which would result in:

a) Saving 6,000 tons of wood.
b) 1,500 tonnes of CO2 will have ceased to emit into the atmosphere.
c) 172 500 kg. CO will have ceased to emit into the atmosphere.
d) Reduction of economic units, with an estimated saving of 3,600 euros on fuel for child care over five years.