Tribal Village School
The nearest Primary School to Koramangalam, a village where Irular tribal community lives, is 3 km far. When Laia Foundation started to work in this place, children living there were without any schooling. Our partner organization, WORD (Women Organization for Rural Development), started an awareness task among parents and we could achieve that all these children living in that village started to attend regularly to school. Some months ago, a child from other village was knocked down by a vehicle while going to school. This tragedy made all parents from Koramangalam to be afraid without letting their children to go out of the town

Due to the bad economic and social situation this community suffers, WORD worked on convincing people’s Government responsible for Education of the need to find a solution. Finally, one of the Primary School teachers travels to this village to teach children every day. Also, the community built a small cabin which has the functions of a classroom. At lunchtime, food is carried from the Primary School so children can enjoy all the services that the Indian Law demands through the Right to Education Act