Excellent academic result for the year 2015-16

30th April marked the end of 2015-16, an academic year with excellent results. The students from the area of Vedanthangal have achieved an average of 85% knowledge and the ones from Vandavasi where we only started working 2 years ago, have achieved 74%.

We’d also like to highlight that on 1st May 2016, 16 of our teachers were recorgnised by the organisation AID-India for their excellent work at an event held in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu.

Laia Foundation is a member of the charity network called Eureka Spark by AID-India and composed of 25 charities. A total of 65 teachers from all over Tamil Nadu were awarded, 16 of whom are part of our team (10 from the Vedanthangal area and 6 from Vandavasi).

We’d like to thank the project sponsors Gea XXI and Tamil Nadu Foundation for their suport and congratulate our team for such a great achievement!