Siramamy’s Women Empowerment Project
Siramamy is an association that aims to create job opportunities for underprivileged women by marketing products manufactured by them. Siramamy invests their profits on social projects, including those of the Laia Foundation.

The products offered by Siramamy are produced by different groups of women from different places like, Peru, Cambodia, Barcelona, Madagascar and India. Through Laia Foundation, Siramamy employs a group of women from Vedanthangal. These women have received tailoring skills and own a sewing machine each at home. Through this job opportunity, women are not only helped financially but their self-esteem also improves.

Siramamy proposed to a small group of women, formed by Manjula, Nalini and Kashturi, sew a few samples of dresses, shirts, skirts and pants. These women organized themselves so beautifully that they were also responsible for dividing up the work and help themselves when they had any doubt. But since European dresses are totally different from those in India, some of the models were hard for them to produce and appropriate monitoring by Laia Foundation volunteers was also necessary. Despite the difficulties, Manjula, Nalini and Kashturi have done a great job and they are satisfied when they exhibit the dresses that they have sewn.

From Laia Foundation, we wish that the dresses are liked and that the Siramamy’s project goes forward and benefits a larger group of women.